Your new fashion wallpaper

Free iPad background designed by Esther Curtis from issue 117 of Mollie Makes

Issue 117 includes eight Fashion Revolution-inspired illustrations by the very talented Esther Curtis. Esther’s prints give a nod to the New York fashion scene with big hair, statement looks, all the extravaganza, and sheer fabulousness. They totally capture the spirit of loving ourselves and our DIY wardrobes, and would look beautiful hanging on your walls like our #molliemakers have here. Download one of her designs as… Continue reading

Download issue 117’s templates here!

Mollie Makes issue 117

Issue 117 is here and it’s packed with projects to keep you occupied, right up until our next one! This beauty is our Fashion Revolution issue, and here’s all the templates you need to champion all things handmade and sustainable. Whether you’re making a fashion statement with Elspeth’s fancy leopard-print clutch or using your yarn stash to make Rico Design’s floral needle punch… Continue reading

Issue 117 is now on sale!

Mollie Makes issue 117 - the Fashion Revolution issue

Issue 117 is now on sale and it’s making a stand. It’s our Fashion Revolution issue, so get ready to say farewell to fast fashion, goodbye to wasteful projects, and so long to one-wear items! Fashion Revolution week runs from 20th-26th April this year (keep scrolling to meet the woman behind the organisation), so issue 117 is… Continue reading