How to crochet – crochet videos for beginners

Crochet is an amazing craft which is therapeutic, relaxing and creative all at the same time. We’ve created 12 how to crochet videos so that you can follow along and learn with us! Share your progress with us on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. And for more crochet inspo subscribe to Mollie Makes.

How to crochet

How to crochet - videos for beginners

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How to hold your hook and yarn
Yarn round hook
Magic ring
Chain (ch)
Slip stitch (ss)
Double crochet (dc)
Half treble crochet (htr)
Treble crochet (tr)
Double crochet two together (dc2tog)
Reverse double crochet (crab st)
Treble crochet three together (tr3tog)
Two treble crochet cluster (2-tr cluster)

Our crochet videos will take you through each and every stitch as well as tips on how to hold your hook and yarn – play, pause and practice your way to becoming a crochet guru.

Crochet projects

RedAgape's crochet wreath

Once you’ve mastered the art of how to crochet you’ll need some projects to practice on. Here’s a list of free crochet projects for you to get stuck into with your new-found skill.


Big thanks to Amy from Super+Super for helping us with the videos.

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